Ice Cream Company Calls For Defunding Police

Ben & Jerry’s, a famous ice cream company based in Vermont, recently introduced new flavors that the left-leaning company claims will assist with the “defund the police” movement.

On Monday, Ben & Jerry’s debuted a new flavor of ice cream, adding that a select percentage of the profits from that flavor will help support an initiative by Cori Bush, a Missouri Democratic Representative and one of the newest members of “The Squad.” Bush has proposed a $10B bill that advocates hiring social workers to perform various public safety tasks that were previously overseen by law enforcement.

“Introducing Change is Brewing,” Ben & Jerry’s proclaimed on Twitter, adding that its new “Change is Brewing” flavor will contribute to “[transforming] the nation’s approach to public safety to one that prioritizes community needs.” The ice cream company also added that its venture is “in collaboration w/ @Mvmnt4BlkLives.”

“Join us in supporting the People’s Response Act!” the ice cream company urged.

The ice cream flavor features fudge brownies and marshmallow swirls folded within cold-brew coffee ice cream.

“Dig into a flavor boldly celebrating safety & liberation for all,” Ben & Jerry’s declared, adding that it is essentially high time “to divest from systems that criminalize Black communities” and instead “invest in a vision of public safety that allows everyone to breathe [freely].”

In addition, customers who purchase the ice cream flavor online have the option to sign up for email notifications regarding Bush’s $10B proposal for defunding the police. Customers can also opt to support the People’s Response Act or join the Movement for Black Lives.

According to Jabari Pall, the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor supports a global vision “in which every community is safe.” Pall also added that in such a world, “everyone, including black and brown people, can thrive,” as reported by the New York Post.

On the ice cream carton itself, a Black woman is depicted alongside the word “liberation.”

Rep. Bush has been aggressive in her anti-police stance ever since ascending to Congress, claiming that the defund police movement “has to happen.”

She claims that funds otherwise spent for law enforcement should be placed into “social safety nets” instead.

“We’re trying to save lives,” Bush brayed.