Kamala In Meltdown Mode Because Someone Asked Her To Do Her Job

If VP Harris thought that dashing off to Southeast Asia for yet another pointless trip would get her off the hook for the border crisis, she thought incorrectly.

While Ms. Harris was busy watching a football game after her return from Asia, over 15,000 illegal immigrants flooded Del Rio Texas, resulting in reported food shortages and other overwhelmed resources.

As widely reported on the media, thousands upon thousands of Haitian migrants assembled under the bridge at Del Rio, Texas, living in a makeshift camp as they await apprehension by border authorities, clearly assuming they’ll be granted entry into the country.

Needless to say, even the fictional news media really can’t explain exactly how upwards of 15,000 migrants (from an island nation, no less) were able to assemble under the bridge, so they’ve finally decided to turn their attention back to Ms. Harris and her routine ineptitude.

On MSNBC, no less.

For instance, Stephanie Ruhle, an MSNBC correspondent, commented on Harris’s general absence, as well as her apparent failure to deal with the “root causes” of immigration from Haiti (rather than Honduras, Guatemala, and so forth).

“How about the message from our Vice President? Where is she? She was supposed to be in charge of all of these migration issues, going to those Northern Triangle countries, that’s obviously not Haiti …

That was one of her first international trips with the message do not come here illegally … People aren’t listening. What is she saying now?” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“Obviously” Harris doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing, and is way out of her depth in her absurdly titled “Border Czar” position. Needless to say, she’s certainly not saying much, certainly not in terms of concern for Americans and national security, anyway.

Julia Ainsley, an NBC correspondent, also remarks that Harris has spoken on a rather limited basis.

“Well, we haven’t heard a lot from the vice president … Of course, you point out she was focused on those northern triangle countries. A lot of her work was in Guatemala, working with that government, a lot of the diplomacy, which is what the vice president was focused on, was with Mexico …

And essentially what we’re seeing now is a breakdown of that work with Mexico … Mexico for a while was stopping a lot of migration, coming from Guatemala into Mexico, keeping people from ever even reaching the U.S. border. But now Mexico became so overwhelmed with this particular migrant surge, that they were beyond capacity. And we were seeing Mexico essentially give up in some cases, just allow buses through their country to the U.S. border, which is how so many people got here so quickly.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

How convenient.

Buses of all but guaranteed future Democrat voters, in other words, were able to get her “so quickly,” courtesy of the stunning incompetence of Biden’s “Border Czar.”

Ironically, when Harris actually deigns to speak, she is almost inevitably on the side of the illegal migrants, which doesn’t really align with her supposed orders for them to stay home.

For instance, she recently raged about the fact that law enforcement dared to meet illegal migrants on horseback (yes, horseback).

“What I saw depicted about those individuals on horseback treating human beings the way they were, was horrible … And I’ll also be talking to Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas about it today.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow, Harris, glad to see you think treatment of illegal migrants is so “horrible.” How about the treatment of Americans?

And, as far as supposed “Homeland Security” Secretary Mr. Mayorkas goes?

He’s repeating more of the same nonsense Harris did, which means nothing when in practice illegal migrants continue to pervade the entire nation.

“If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned. Your journey will not succeed and you will be endangering your life and your family’s lives … This administration is committed to developing safe, orderly and humane pathways for migration. This is not the way to do it.” [Source: Fox News]

Yeah. Worst border crisis in decades, perhaps ever by the time Biden is done.

Real “orderly.”

No wonder Tom Homan, a former Acting ICE Director, wanted to hurl his remote at the TV as Mayorkas spoke.

“I wanted to throw something at the TV. I don’t know what the color of the sky in his world is, but he cannot say two things: Number one, he’s saying the Haitians are being deported. When this first happened, about three-quarters of them were released. It wasn’t until they were called on it that he decided, okay, we have got to deport some. But many are being released to ICE and ICE will release them …

Another thing he said, when the reporter asked [Mayorkas], ‘do you have operational control of the border?’ He said yes … When the Haitians are moving back and forth to Mexico for supplies and freely coming into the illegal camp on U.S. property, that is not operational control.” [Source: Fox News]

Considering how the Biden administration stunned the world through its galling withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s no surprise they think they have “operational control” over the border now.

Though in terms of shoring up future Democrat voters, well … perhaps they have “operational control” after all.

Here’s hoping for Trump 2024 … Even more …

Author: Jane Jones