Psaki Picks a Fight With Republicans

Recently, Jen Psaki slammed GOP representatives “who are standing at the border giving speeches,” in spite of the fact that Joe Biden himself has yet to venture to the U.S.-Mexico border in the midst of the border crisis.

The White House Press Secretary openly called out “all those Republicans who are standing at the border,” criticizing them for “giving speeches about [the broken system]” of immigration.

“Why don’t you join us and be a part of the solution, [rather than] relying on speeches?” Psaki demanded during a recent press briefing at the White House.

According to Psaki, if the Republicans and Democrats work together, then legislation regarding immigration will pass, ostensibly in order to “make the system work.”

However, Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, a Republican, swiftly responded to Psaki’s remarks in a scathing e-mail sent to Fox News, pointing out a clear remedy for the escalating crisis at the border.

“Here’s a solution,” Jackson proclaimed, before enumerating the various actions associated with Donald Trump’s presidency, including the need to “fully reimplement the Remain in Mexico Policy,” as well as “finish building the wall.”

“And stop undermining our brave border patrol officers at every turn,” Jackson added pointedly.

Jackson continued onwards to remark that no mystery exists as to who or what began the crisis, which began shortly after Biden took office earlier in the year.

In essence, Biden created the border catastrophe entirely “on his own,” and he is subsequently “refusing to carry out the obvious solutions” for the problems his own administration created.

At this point in time, Biden has yet to make a visit to the border during his presidency. In addition, it remains unclear whether or not Biden has ever voyaged down to the border throughout his political career, which has spanned nearly half a century.

Psaki also doubled down on the White House’s criticism of border patrol agents, who were mounted on horseback and attempting to deal with the migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas, which has been besieged by multiple thousands of Haitian immigrants.

The Biden administration previously claimed that border patrol agents “strapped” migrants, mirroring other claims from Democrats, including the claim that border patrol agents “whipped” migrants. However, additional footage has subsequently debunked this particular claim.

When the White House Press Secretary was asked about whether or not the Biden administration’s position regarding the border patrol agents changed after the “whipping” claims had been debunked.

“Our reaction to the photos has not changed,” Psaki proclaimed.