No Fury Like a Woman Scorned — Federal Agent’s Wife Gives Biden An Earful

Recently, the wife of a CPB agent openly excoriated the Biden administration for its vaccine mandate policies, which call for the firings of Border Patrol agents who refuse to receive the COVID vaccine.

Kelsey French, the wife of a Border Patrol agent tasked with guarding the border in Del Rio, Texas, publicly expressed her frustration over the fact that her husband may lose his job by November 1 for refusing to abide by the vaccine mandates.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, French openly stated that Americans do not comprise the highest priority of the Biden administration.

“I don’t think [Biden] thinks he works for us,” French stated, adding that she believes Biden “has a bigger agenda,” which means he likely does not care much for the American people.

Earlier this week, the Biden administration also drew fierce controversy earlier in the week after a whistleblower emerged and revealed that GOP Representative Jim Jordan (OH) would face imminent dismissals from their jobs if they fail to receive the COVID vaccine by the deadline, November 1.

Just weeks ago, Biden signed off on a sweeping executive order that requires all federal employees working within the executive branch to receive the COVID vaccination, with very minimal exceptions permitted.

In spite of the massive push towards federally mandated vaccines, numerous citizens have become outraged as the illegal migrant crisis escalates, especially since the migrants have been granted the apparent authority to make their own health decisions, including whether or not to receive the COVID vaccine.

French blasted Biden’s double standards between Americans and illegal migrants, inquiring how the administration can permit “all these people [coming] in testing positive,” which no one “[thinks] twice about.”

The double standards are particularly galling when considering the fact that Border Patrol agents are effectively bullied over the vaccine, despite the fact that the agents are the ones who “are putting their lives on the line every day to protect [Americans],” yet they are the ones “that are getting punished,” French continued.

French also pointed out that Border Patrol is already significantly “undermanned,” and it’s rather clear that they’ve become completely “overwhelmed.”

Moreover, working as a Border Patrol agent is not an easy field to break into, which warrants numerous sacrifices made by not only the agents, but also “the families at home that they leave behind,” French remarked.

“We know the sacrifice that they make,” French concluded, “there may be a day that they don’t come home.”