Superstar Rapper Skewers Anti-American Leftists

During a recent concert appearance, superstar rapper Pitbull openly celebrated patriotism while simultaneously skewering individuals who fail to appreciate the United States and its opportunities due to rabid anti-American sentiment.

“To whoever … doesn’t like the United States of America, may God bless you, but f— you are the same time,” Pitbull boldly proclaimed. Pitbull, who is a first generation Cuban-American, blasted anti-American critics, resulting in a video that has widely circulated on social media platforms.

Pitbull, who was born as Armando Christian Pérez, continued onwards with his criticism of the anti-American left, adding that if they dislike the United States of America, then they are welcome to “go back to the countries” that are run by communism.

“You’ll see how much you appreciate the United States,” Pitbull continued ominously.

While the location of the concern remains unclear, the video was uploaded to Twitter in the past week. The video also mirrors several other incidents in which the rapper has openly declared his appreciation and love for the nation

Pitbull’s mother was able to arrive legally to the United States from Cuba via Operation Peter Pan, a program that ran from 1960 to 1962. The rapper’s father also made it to the United States legally, namely through a visa lottery.

Consequently, Pitbull has credited to his family’s immigration to the United States from Cuba as the primary reason for his success and work ethic.

“[My parents] knew what this country had to offer,” Pitbull continued, adding that someone can “control [their] own destiny” in the United States.

Pitbull also added that “the number one thing” offered by the United States is freedom.

In the past several months, patriotism has been targeted across the United States. For instance, the display of the American flag is apparently considered a symbol of division, per the leftist viewpoint.

In addition, various videos have circulated that show college students turning their back on the United States. Some will not state that they are proud to be American, while others are calling for the abolition of the U.S. Constitution.