Bernie Sanders Takes Off His Mittens And Sides With Bullies

Recently, Senator Krysten Sinema (D-AZ), was victimized by far-left bullies. Various radicals, including at least one man, stalked Sinema into a bathroom with cameras rolling. As Sinema calmly used the restroom and washed her hands, she was berated by the radicals for objecting to the Democrats’ massive $3.5T spending bill.

As video surfaced of the harassment of the Senator in the bathroom, individuals across the United States fiercely condemned the tactics used by leftists. Not only did the radicals invade the privacy of Sinema, but they also invaded the privacy of other bystanders in the bathroom, who happened to appear in the video.

However, in spit of the general condemnation of the leftists’ tactics, some liberal representatives have taken a gentler approach. Biden brushed off the incident as one that apparently “happens to [everyone],” whereas a rabid feminist openly praised the tactics used by the leftists.

Sinema is reportedly not pleased that various Democrat Senators and the White House have failed to defend her, per a report from Axios.

In addition, the dissent within the Senate has further increased, courtesy of Senator Bernie Sanders’s open support of the leftists. The Senate leadership circulated a letter that criticized the leftists’ behavior, though Sanders refused to sign the letter.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) catalyzed the statement from Democrat leadership, which declares that the radicals who stalked Sinema into the bathroom were engaged in “plainly inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.”

However, per an email exchange between various aides in the Democrat Party, “the hostility between the progressive and moderate members” further erupted over the bathroom incident, especially as the Senate continues to fight over the Biden administration’s spending agenda.

For instance, Sanders’s office demanded that the draft of Booker’s letter needed edits, namely edits to include strong criticism of Sinema’s position regarding multi-trillion dollar spending. Specifically, Sanders ordered for the letter to include remarks regarding Sinema’s supposed “position on prescription drug reform,” as well as support the $3.5T spending package.

However, Booker flatly refused Sanders’s request.

Consequently, Sanders refused to sign the letter since it failed to simultaneously criticize Sinema. Sanders also demanded that “Senate Democratic Leadership Team” be stripped from the headline of the statement.

Copies of the e-mail exchange are available, courtesy of Axios.

Sanders is one of the twelve party leaders in the Senate, and in spit of his refusal to support his beleaguered colleague, a minimum of eight other Democrat Senators signed the statement, including Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Catherine Cortez-Masto, Joe Manchin, Majority Whip Dick Durbin, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Currently, the statement has not yet been published, and it remains unclear when and if it will be published.