Hillary Clinton Slithers Her Way Back Into Politics

On Monday, Hillary Clinton announced that she will never leave “the game of politics” during an appearance on ABC News’s “Good Morning America” show.

Over the course of the interview, Clinton proclaimed that she has no intentions to run for “anything” in particular, though she plans to be “involved” in politics nonetheless.

Clinton, who is a former secretary of state, as well as the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, stated that she will remain active in the political world, despite the absence of crafting a bid for public office.

“I will never be out of the game of politics,” Clinton brayed.

Clinton continued on to insist that the nation’s “democracy’s is at stake,” which is why she will remain active in politics despite not “running for anything.”

The former senator from New York referenced “many reasons” for her claim, including the events on Capitol Hill on January 6, the widespread presence of “disinformation” on Facebook, and numerous other examples that purportedly validate her arguments regarding the perilous state of democracy.

Clinton noted that Facebook “creates a world of disinformation,” which in turn hinders the likelihood of everyone reaching a collective consensus “on what the facts are.”

“I am really worried about what’s happening [domestically] and [internationally],” Clinton continued, “so, I’m never going to get out of … being involved.”

She added that her involvement demonstrates her efforts “to help in some way.”

The former presidential candidate’s comments emerge just one day before her new book will be released to the general public.

Clinton’s fictional endeavor, State of Terror, is co-authored with Louise Penny, and it will be released by publisher Simon & Schuster on Tuesday, October 12,

The novel is characterized as a political thriller, and it centers on the events following the appointment of a female to the coveted position of secretary of state. Featuring a “political enemy,” purportedly a new president, the book revolves around an “international chess game,” which incorporates a variety of characters, from Iran to the Russian mafia.

While Clinton admits to allowing “experience” flesh out the character, she insists that she was the most “inspired” by Ellen Tauscher, one of Clinton’s friends, as well as a former congressional representative who served as the undersecretary for arms control.

Last week, Clinton tweeted, “my first foray into fiction!”

She proclaimed the work to be “a labor of love” created alongside her friend and “favorite mystery author” Louise Penny.

“I can’t wait for you to read it,” Clinton concluded.