Minority Voters Move Away From Biden

W. Mondale Robinson, who founded the Black Male Voter Project, has recently announced that frustration with the Biden presidency has skyrocketed to an “all-time high” within the black community.

Robinson’s project claims that it is responsible for reaching out to over 1.2M black men across the state of Georgia during the U.S. Senate runoffs and the 2020 general election.

“Black men are pissed off about the nothingness that has happened,” Robinson noted in remarks to The Washington Post.

Robinson also observed that the “nothingness” of Biden’s presidency has made work not only “harder,” but also “damn near impossible.”

Various factors underlie the increased frustration with the Biden administration. One factor includes the Biden administration’s inability to secure a $15 minimum wage, as well as its willingness to “significantly weaken a policing-reform bill to get [GOP] support.”

Robinson also complained about the Biden administration’s present inability to “halt a raft of voting restrictions passed by Georgia’s [Republican-led] legislature.”

Biden’s approval ratings have dipped dramatically in recent weeks, drifting downwards to only 44.5 percent. Currently, 49.2 percent of the popular disapproves of Biden’s presidential performance.

Per data from Pew Research, Biden’s popularity has also diminished dramatically amongst minorities over the past several months. His approval amongst black voters dropped from 85 percent to 67 percent, with 30 percent of black voters disapproving of the president’s performance.

Furthermore, Biden’s ratings have also plummeted amongst other groups, dropping from 68 percent to 54 percent approval for Asian voters, 72 percent to 56 percent approval for Hispanic voters, and 45 to 37 percent for white voters.

Nsé Ufot, who serves as the chief executive of the New Georgia Project, points out how this trend may impact the 2022 elections.

“If midterms are about enthusiasm and turnout, who do you think is excited to vote on November 2 at this moment?” Ufot inquired. He also added the most excited individuals include neither Democrats, nor black people, nor young people.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has also fielded questions regarding how to “[deal] with the black agenda,” especially with regards to the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and various voting rights issues.

“What is [Biden] … committing to to make sure these things happen?” one reporter queried.

“He wants to get both done,” Psaki insisted, adding that “the black agenda” is apparently “bigger than the George Floyd Police and Justice Act,” as well as “bigger than voting rights.”

Consequently, Biden must strengthen his outreach to the black community if he is interested in reinvigorating support from the black community, according to Robinson.

“They can’t call me and ask me to serve my brothers up on a platter for their benefit,” Robinson proclaimed, adding that the Biden administration will see neither his data nor “have access” to what he knows about black men, unless he sees the Biden administration does “something serious for black men.”

“That requires a conversation … long before Labor Day on an election year,” Robinson concluded.