Buttigieg Has (More) Bad News

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently delivered more bad news to Americans by announcing that serious issues with the supply chain are likely to persist well into 2022.

“[Several] challenges that we have been experiencing this year will continue into next year,” Buttigieg proclaimed, adding that the Biden administration can presumably take a number of “long-term” and “short-term” steps to combat persistent supply chain issues.

Buttigieg made these remarks during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, where he attempted to spin the supply chain issues in a favorable manner, going so far as to claim the issues are “beneficial,” in spite of the fact that prices have skyrocketed.

Due to major concerns over upcoming holiday shopping, Buttigieg claimed that the empty shelves dotting the nation illustrate how the Biden administration apparently “guided [the American] economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.”

Buttigieg also claimed that supply chain issues may not only be attributed to the supply side, but also to the demand side.

“Demand is off the charts,” Buttigieg brayed, adding that retail sales have soared “through the roof.”

In reference to the widely publicized photographs of ships backed up at major California ports, Buttigieg claimed that “every one of those ships” is allegedly filled with “record amounts of goods” that American consumers have been buying up in droves “because demand is up, because income is up.”

Buttigieg also added that the nation’s supply chain systems cannot keep up with consumer demand before segueing into an open promotion of the Democrats’ massive, multi-trillion dollar spending packages.

Buttigieg claimed that passing these gargantuan spending packages is necessary because “[American] supply chains can’t keep up.”

The Transportation Secretary continued onward to detail how the supply chain system in the United States is “complicated” and handled “mostly in private hands and rightly so.”

Buttigieg claimed that the role of the Biden administration is merely to serve as “an honest broker” by “[bringing] together all of the players,” as well as “[securing] commitments and [finding] solutions” that will purportedly address serious, ongoing supply chain issues.

Buttigieg embarked on two months’ worth of paternity leave after adopting twins in the middle of August with his husband. Since the supply chain crisis has engulfed the nation, Buttigieg has remained ensconced in domestication, and he has been largely absent from public view.

Republicans have reacted strongly to Buttigieg’s brazen absence in the midst of a national supply chain crisis. Varied GOP representatives have also called for the Biden administration to take stronger actions regarding extant supply chain issues, rather than merely recommending for Americans to purchase holiday gifts earlier this year.