Top RINO Learns What Happens When You Get In The Ring With Trump

Recently, 45th President Donald Trump harshly criticized GOP Representative Liz Cheney, observing that “to look at her” is equivalent to “[despising] her.”

In a statement released earlier this week, Trump skewered the Wyoming representative for her efforts to refer Steve Bannon for criminal prosecution. Bannon, who was a strategist in the Trump administration, faces heavy criticism for his alleged role in the events of January 6.

Cheney is openly advocating for Bannon’s criminal referral, and she is also encouraging several other Republicans to ignore House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who does not advocate Bannon’s criminal referral.

Trump blasted the “low-polling” Cheney as “very bad news for the Democrats,” given that numerous voters “absolutely cannot stand her,” given that Cheney routinely “fights for the people that have decimated her and her father for many years.”

Harshly rebuking Cheney as “smug,” Trump proclaimed that both the Republican Party, along with “the great State of Wyoming” recognize Cheney’s machinations for what they are.

“Hopefully she will continue down this unsustainable path and she will soon be gone!” Trump proclaimed.

Currently, Cheney is urging other Republicans to support the contempt vote against Bannon. As the vice chair of the committee investigating the events of January 6, Cheney voted in favor of holding Bannon in contempt on Tuesday, October 19.

Cheney’s vote emerges after Bannon declined to appear for a scheduled deposition.

In spite of Trump’s remarks, Cheney has argued that her Republican colleagues should not allow the former president to prevent them from making the allegedly right decision, which is to refer Bannon for criminal contempt.

Cheney alludes to how various Republicans simply “don’t want this target on their back” from Trump, and she claims that they are merely “just trying to keep their heads down.”

She also blasted McCarthy, claiming that the House Minority Leader “has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of events of January 6.”

“Do what you know is right,” Cheney urged her colleagues, ordering them “to think of the long arc of history” that ultimately “bends towards justice.”