Biden Demands Mass Firings Of America’s Heroes

On Thursday, Joe Biden declared that law enforcement officers and other first responders who decline the COVID vaccine should not only face termination from their jobs, but also face staying at home.

During a presidential CNN town hall, moderate Anderson Cooper observed that as many as 33 percent of first responders in various major cities have refused to comply with city-implemented vaccine mandates.

“Wondering where you stand on that,” Cooper queried to Biden, asking whether or not first responders and police officers should “be mandated to get vaccines.”

“If not,” Cooper continued, “should they be mandated to stay at home, let go?”

Biden promptly replied, “yes and yes” to Cooper, before proceeding to claim that his highly controversial vaccine mandate took place merely as a last resort circumstance.

In the summer, Biden brazenly announced that companies and organizations with more than 100 employees will be tasked with mandating COVID vaccines or administering weekly COVID tests. Additionally, these employers are also tasked with giving employees paid time off to not only receive their vaccinations, but also to recover from its side effects.

Biden also insisted that his “mandates are working,” even going so far as to claim that many airline employees have complied, despite the very recent, highly public debacle with Southwest Airlines.

In addition, Biden also sneered about the debate regarding personal freedom, insisting that individuals who refuse to become vaccinated are merely turning alleged healthcare measures into “a political issue.”

“I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID,” Biden snarked, roundly mocking his perception of individuals who oppose vaccine mandates.

“Come on, freedom,” Biden scoffed, demonstrating clear disgust with individuals who question vaccine mandates.

However, when campaigning for the presidency, Biden clearly opposed any form of a federal vaccine mandate.

At this point in time, approximately 70 percent of American adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and over 60 percent of the same population has received both doses.

In addition, upwards of two dozen GOP attorneys general have long threatened to sue the Biden administration over its invasive mandate, referring to it as both “counterproductive” and “disastrous,” as revealed by a September 16 letter.

The letter notes that Biden’s mandate is highly “unlikely to win hearts and minds,” particularly “from a policy perspective.” In addition, the mandate is also more likely to incur “further skepticism.”

“At least some Americans will simply leave [their job] instead of complying,” the letter warned.