Twitter Punishes GOP Rep. Over Transgender Commentary

Recently, Twitter restricted the account of Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) after he referred to Rachel Levine as “a man.” Levine, who is the Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary, identifies as transgender.

On October 18, Banks posted: “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man.” Shortly thereafter, his Twitter account was locked.

Mary Margaret Olohan, reporter with the Daily Signal, observed that Banks’s account was “censored” as a result of his tweet, adding that he will remain “locked out of his account until he deletes the tweet.”

By Sunday afternoon, the tweet seemed to have been removed from Banks’s Twitter account.

However, another tweet remained up, which emphasized the lack of justice in the current “first female four-star admiral,” as defined by the Biden administration. Per Banks, it is unjust that someone who “lived as a man for 54 years” can later become the first “female” four-star admiral.

“[It] is an insult to every little girl who dreams of breaking glass ceilings one day,” Banks continued.

In a statement issued last week, Biden’s administration labeled Levine as the “first-ever” female four-star admiral of the USPHS Commissioned Corps. Rachel Levine was previously called Richard Levine prior to completing gender reassignment surgery eight years ago.

“Admiral Levine now serves as the highest ranking official in the USPHS Commissioned Corps,” HHS proclaimed, noting that Levine will lead upwards of 6,000 officers in Public Health Service “who are dedicated to serving [the] nation’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.”

HHS added that the promotion of Levine represents “a major step forward” for “a more inclusive society.”

On Tuesday, Levine was sworn in as a four star admiral for the USPHS Commissioned Corps. Later on, Levine referred to the swearing in ceremony as a “momentous occasion.”

“I stand on the shoulders of those LGBTQ+ individuals who came before me,” Levine brayed.

Levine also proclaimed that diversity makes the nation “stronger” since every person purportedly “has a different perspective.”