Democrats’ Darkest Fears Confirmed In Recent Study

A recent poll exposes Democrats’ darkest fears: Not only is Donald J. Trump not going away, but he is also rapidly becoming even more popular amongst legitimate voters in the wake of Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency.

According to the results of an I&I/TIPP poll, which was released on Monday, Trump leads Biden strongly across virtually every single American region; Biden leads Trump in only one region.

Trump maintains a strong, 11-point lead over Biden in the midwest, with Trump earning 45.9 percent support compared with Biden’s 44.9 percent. In addition, Trump also leads Biden in the west and the south and 42.4 percent to 39.7 percent and 45.8 percent to 44.6 percent favorability, respectively.

Biden only leads Trump in one region, the northeast, where he has upwards of 53.6 percent of support compared to Trump’s 39.1 percent.

In addition to Trump’s enormous lead in multiple American regions, he also poses a major threat to Biden in terms of core demographics that the Democrats typically depend upon for election victories.

For instance, Black voters increased their support for Trump, rising from 18.1 percent supporting Trump in September to 20.3 percent supporting Trump in October.

In addition, Hispanic voters, who also comprise the fastest-growing voter bloc in the United States, also demonstrated increased support for Trump. From September to October, Trump enjoyed immense gains amongst Hispanic voters: Specifically, Trump’s support jumped from 24.2 percent of Hispanic voters to 38.8 percent.

Given that Trump received 33 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2020 presidential election, he now boasts even greater favorability amongst Hispanic voters.

Trump’s increased popularity emerges as Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet. On Monday, Biden’s approval rating sank to yet another new low, per data from FiveThirtyEight.

According to this source, a mere 43.4 percent approve of Biden’s current presidential performance. In contrast, 50.7 percent disapprove of his performance, constituting the largest gap of 2021 to date.

The I&I/TIPP poll collected responses from 1,308 adults over a four-day window, or from September 29 to October 2. The approximate margin of error is 3.3 percent.