Students Stage Mass Walkouts From Schools

From the East Coast to the West Coast, students are rapidly becoming fed up with ultra-woke “public” schools.

Not only are these schools essentially forcing a curriculum of hate down students’ throats through CRT, they are also posing a danger to students’ mental health courtesy of deranged bathroom policies and widespread vaccine mandates.

Which is precisely why this week has witnessed students staging mass walkouts from these institutions of indoctrinated hatred.

One of the first major walkouts took place in Loudon County, Virginia, after Monday’s ruling, wherein a boy was found guilty of sexually assaulting a female student in the bathroom.

Inconveniently for woke leftists, the sexual assailant was wearing a skirt during the incident, as a skirt apparently gives lascivious males the only pass they need to harass girls in the bathrooms.

Apparently, young girls don’t get the same “bathroom rights” that special interest groups do.

However, if anyone dares to raise that valid point at a school board meeting, they’ll likely be labeled a “domestic terrorist,” an insane accusation from the Biden-led DoJ against parents who dare to question dangerous public schools.

The “domestic terrorism” allegations haven’t worked out terribly well for “unity,” given that at least two state school boards have abruptly left the National School Board Association (NSBA) in the wake of its “domestic terrorism” accusations.

Even more inconveniently for leftists, the parents blasted as “domestic terrorists” at school board meetings turned out to be none other than the parents of the daughter egregiously violated by leftist transgender bathroom policies.

Which is likely why Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler treaded very carefully when it came to making public remarks on the so-called “policies and procedures” that guide public schools in Loudon County, Virginia.

“I want to acknowledge that our processes and procedures were not adequate to respond to these recent events … It has become clear that our administrative procedures have not kept pace with the growth we have seen in our county.” [Source: Fox News]

“Not adequate?” You could say that again …

After all, any policy that openly encourages male students to use female restrooms is likely not “adequate” for assuring basic student safety, never mind basic student privacy.

And the Democrats are supposedly the “Me Too” party to boot. What a joke!

And as far as the “growth” that Ziegler apparently blames the bathroom incident on, it is quite clear that only one type of “growth” will enable a despicable attack on a female student in a school bathroom … and that “growth” is the growth of the cancerous left, which literally destroys everything (of value) in its wake.

The one upside of the superintendent’s utter incompetence includes the fact that all the other little bureaucrats promptly fall in line, including Michelle Luttrell, the principal at the ultra-woke Loudoun County High School.

However, even though Luttrell openly supported students’ right to protest, she did so in such a way that could not resist truncating their constitutional rights.

“Students who choose to participate will not be penalized for their participation; however, we do ask that students who participate do so peacefully, without signage, and in accordance with the Students Rights and Responsibilities we all reviewed and signed at the beginning of the year.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow, how nice that students legitimately protesting won’t be “penalized!” After all, public school teachers all but endorsed brazen looting and violent crime during so-called “protests” against police violence.

Plus, the little comment about “without signage?” Signs are a perfectly legitimate part of protest, though of course the school probably doesn’t want its gross incompetence and reckless endangerment of students displayed in such explicit formatting.

Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, or from Virginia to California, another mass student walkout also ensued, this time over another deranged leftist policy: COVID vaccine mandates for students of all ages.

That mandate promptly resulted in calls for “No Mandate Monday,” wherein students and some teachers that actually dare to think differently have staged effective walkouts from schools.

How are they effective?

Well, students refuse to mask up at schools in protest of the “indefinite school mask mandate,” and they are removed from campuses as a result of not wearing a mask.

In essence, school administrators are walking them out, though one can only imagine the disruption to learning such an event must cause.

Oh wait! Students are clearly not learning anything anyway, especially given their rather abysmal understanding of basic reading, writing, and math, never mind topics such as civics and history.

Frankly, one can only hope that all the walkouts lead to the eventual abolition of public schools, especially given what students are being taught now.

Senator Ron Johnson, for instance, does not mince words at all.

“Those young people weren’t born with a bias against this nation, this land, this marvel we call America, this land of unlimited opportunity. That dislike for America was indoctrinated in them by our school systems.” [Source: Newsmax]

On that note, let the student walkouts continue …

Author: Jane Jones