Sheriff Reveals Election Fraud In Unlikely Location

Recently, a sheriff in Wisconsin has revealed potential evidence of election fraud in one of the unlikeliest of locations: Ridgewood Care Facility, a nursing home.

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office of Racine County held a press conference that revealed an inconvenient truth for many Democrats: One of the nursing home’s deceased residents had somehow voted via an absentee ballot in the 2020 election.

Shirley, a resident at the Ridgewood Care Facility, passed away on November 9, 2020, or a month before the election was held. However, an absentee ballot was cast in Shirley’s name during last year’s high stakes election.

According to Sergeant Michael Luell, Shirley had been experiencing “severe cognitive decline.” Moreover, the sergeant noted that she had been experiencing physical declines, “and to some degree, she was giving up on life, unfortunately, in her last days.”

Luell also added that Shirley was at a fairly “low point” prior to her passing, and she had no interest in current events. Moreover, she “didn’t read” or “watch TV.”

As a result of Shirley’s unprecedented absentee ballot, the office conducted a deeper investigation into potential voter fraud, especially when the nursing home revealed a highly unusual surge in absentee ballots.

Stunningly, of the 42 families who have members in the nursing home, nearly 20 percent of them stated that their loved ones did not have the requisite cognitive ability to think to vote in the 2020 election via an absentee ballot.

Nonetheless, the relatives of these eight families mysteriously cast ballots in their names.

While the investigation focused on one nursing home in particular, Sheriff Christopher Schmaling announced that he anticipates other inspections across the state will commence in light of the findings at the Ridgewood Care Facility.

In addition, Schmaling has also called for Josh Kaul, the Wisconsin Attorney General, to commence an immediate investigation into the matter.

Interestingly, the sheriff’s allegations arrive less than a week after Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau determined that no evidence existed of widespread fraud.

Nonetheless, the state bureau did offer some criticisms for the election procedures across the state. Consequently, the organization requested for the Wisconsin Elections Commission to review and implement varied recommendations for encouraging improvements to the voting process across the state.