Trump Weighs In On Biden’s Terrible Plan

Recently, former President Donald J. Trump commented on media reports regarding the Biden administration’s plan to pay immigrant families allegedly separated at the border.

The 45th President remarked that “there’s never been anything like … what they’re doing at the border.” Trump also observed that the nation has gone from “the greatest [border policies] we’ve ever had” to the “worst,” “probably one of the worst [polices] in the history of the world.”

“No country can sustain what’s happening to our country,” Trump warned.

During his interview on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Radio Show, Trump detailed his thoughts on the Biden administration’s plan to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to immigrant families that attempted to broach the border.

Per Trump, the Biden administration’s actions “are not even believable.”

Trump is amongst multiple Republican leaders who have expressed open outrage after a recent Wall Street Journal report, which revealed that the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services was participating in discussions regarding payments as high as $450,000 to various immigrant families who were split at the border.

The discussed funds would serve as compensation for resolving lawsuits that had been been filed by children and parents over the “lasting psychological trauma” allegedly inflicted upon them by the United States government.

Nonetheless, Trump pointed out that one of the reasons his border policies were so successful can be attributed to the exact separations dominating the Biden administration’s discussions.

“One of the things we were doing is separation, which was done before us, but separation,” Trump noted in a likely allusion to former President Barack Obama’s own border policies.

“When people heard that, they didn’t come because if a parent hears they’re going to be separated, they didn’t come, [which was] one of the reasons I was so successful at the border,” Trump continued.

Trump also remarked that the Biden administration’s actions represent an unprecedented moment in United States history, particularly since they have effectively turned the nation into a “dumping ground.”

“It’s not even believable what they’re doing,” Trump declared, adding that “big caravans [are] coming up,” including “tough caravans [that] went right through the Mexican police like butter.”

“We better stop them,” Trump warned, “That’s all I can tell you. We’re taking in millions of people into our country illegally.”