Police Score Major Win In a Very Unlikely Place

A stunning upset occurred on Tuesday in Seattle when a Republican defeated a Democrat for the City Attorney position. The Democrat candidate had argued in favor of abolishing the police and ceasing the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes.

However, Attorney Ann Davison (R) won approximately 59 percent of the vote, handily defeating previous public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in the race for succeeding incumbent City Attorney Pete Holmes (D).

Over the course of her campaign, Davison argued that the City Attorney’s Office is not an appropriate “place for a radical agenda,” and she levied criticism against Thomas-Kennedy and Holmes for having a “soft on crime” approach.

On election night, Davison revealed that she received over 74,000 votes, which was “humbling” and “heartwarming.”

Davison also informed the crowd that far too many individuals in Seattle feel unsafe due to the increase in drug use, random attacks, shoplifting, and other forms of rising crime.

“There is a way to have a balanced approach,” Davison asserted, adding that her philosophy “[centers on] victims of crime and collectively bringing together what is public safety in our city.”

Davison also stated that prosecuting misdemeanor crimes is important, especially since they are oftentimes perpetuated by individuals already engaged in significant crime.

Moreover, misdemeanor offenses can also be “job ending” and “business ending.”

Thomas-Kennedy garnered only 41 percent of the vote. A self-proclaimed abolitionist, Thomas-Kennedy’s campaign centered on a radical transformation of the City Attorney’s Office, including the termination of prosecution for misdemeanor offenses.

She also promised other radical changes, including progressive taxes and lawsuits against various fossil fuel companies.

However, over the course of her campaign, Thomas-Kennedy encountered significant controversy, especially for highly provocative statements regarding her “rabid hatred” for law enforcement.

Despite her commentary on police, Thomas-Kennedy was endorsed by numerous Democrat Party organizations.

On her part, Davison earned the endorsements of Democrats Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire, as well as Republican Dan Evans.