Ratcliffe Reveals Reality Of Durham Investigation

According to John Ratcliffe, the “truth will defend itself” over the course of special counsel John Durham’s ongoing investigation into whether or not Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Ratcliffe, who formerly served as the Director of National Intelligence, proclaimed that the most important elements of the case include the fact that the United States’ “own intelligence community and FBI” knew well ahead of time “that Hillary Clinton was creating a plan to vilify Donald Trump.”

Clinton intended to pursue her vilification via Trump’s alleged “ties to Russia,” which were ultimately proven to be false, and “the FBI knew this,” Ratcliffe asserted during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News.

Ratcliffe’s comments arise in response to the recent arrest of Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who was widely acclaimed as the principal researcher attributed to the infamous Steele dossier, which sparked a major FBI investigation and led to the first impeachment trial of then-President Trump.Thus far, Danchenko faces five counts of making false statements to the FBI.

Ratcliffe is confident that other indictments will follow, especially after he learned that ‘there was, of course, no Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Ironically, however, Ratcliffe discovered that collusion did exist between “the Clinton campaign and the Russians to create a dossier.” In addition, both Barack Obama and Joe Biden had been briefed in August 2016 on the matter, yet they declined to stop the investigation.

“[The Steele dossier] was the predicate for moving forward with an unjust, unfair, and ultimately, now everyone accepts,” Ratcliffe laments, in reference to “criminally negligent investigation against the Trump campaign.’

Ratcliffe also added that no probable cause existed, which was admitted directly by FBI Director Christopher Wray under oath, which is precisely why no probably cause existed for the FISA warrant either, as the warrant was based upon the notoriously “phony” Steele Dossier.

In the meantime, former FBI agent Peter Strzok had also been investigating the Steele dossier, though he conveniently obscured the various elements of the dossier that could be traced back to Clinton. Moreover, Strzok was also aware of the fact that the dossier was “false,” per Ratcliffe’s assertions.

“He knew it to be illegal and used it to perpetuate an investigation that went on for four years, that misrepresented everything to the American people,” Ratcliffe declared, which is precisely why multiple individuals are “in criminal jeopardy right now.”

Ratcliffe asserted that he had declassified the various aforementioned documents, though he also gave more than 1,000 additional documents to John Durham, which “would be the basis for further indictments.”

“I expect that all the folks … involved with creating [the dossier] and peddling it out would be in jeopardy,” Ratcliffe concluded ominously.