Trump Obliterates Hillary With This Genius-Level Tactic

Trump Trumpets Success Of Durham Investigation

Big Tech may ban him, mainstream media may mock him … but one thing they can’t do is stop him.

Donald Trump remains as popular today as he did before, perhaps even more so now, given the direction in which the nation is presently barreling.

However, Americans at last are receiving some justice in recent weeks, starting with the clean sweep of Virginia and sailing on to one of the greatest “cherries on the top” of all … John Durham’s investigation.

One of Trump’s smartest moves near the end of his presidency was to appoint special counsel John Durham to examine the origins of the whole “Russia Collusion” probe, as such a move prevented Biden from attempting to interfere with Durham’s investigation.

And it is quite clear why they’d want to interfere:

After all, just last week, the key, if not only, “source” for the Steele dossier (i.e., the joke of a document that suggested Russia collusion) has been arrested … for lying to the FBI.

Even better?

The source is a Russian based in the United States with strong ties to none other than Hillary Clinton.

And Durham’s investigation has just revealed that rather inconvenient truth to the public.

Needless to say, such a revelation is a rather huge win for Trump over Clinton, especially since more evidence is mounting over Clinton’s collusion with Russia, or at minimum, a Russian.

Kash Patel, who served as former senior Trump administration official, underscores just how serious this investigation truly is … as well as the lengths to which the Democrats will go.

“[Christopher] Steele’s number one source … is indicted for lying to the FBI five times over, and he’s shown to be a total fraud and in bed with another Clinton ally that’s named in the indictment …

It shows, full circle, that John Durham is building conspiracy cases outlining the likes of Fusion GPS, Comey, McCabe, Jake Sullivan — all these people are in trouble, and finally the American people are getting some accountability.” [Source: Breitbart]

Full circle indeed.

One that Trump has justifiably trumpeted about in an exclusive interview with Fox News.

“[The truth] really has come out … In all fairness, while it has taken a long time, hats off to John Durham …

Hats off, because, it’s coming out, and it is coming out at a level — Durham has come out with things that are absolutely amazing … We all sort of knew that happened, and now we have facts, and I think they’re only going to get deeper and deeper — and it all leads back to the Democrats, Hillary and the dirty lawyers.”
[Source: Fox News]

It is definitely going to get deeper and deeper … probably to the extent that Durham should be especially careful, particularly as his findings dig more deeply into the Clintons.

Trump also pointed out that the facts have started to exonerate themselves, revealing the extent of the Russia collusion hoax all along.

“Those are big things that are happening, and what it really shows is what a hoax it was … What happened here is incredible, going on for years, and we still did more than any administration, just about ever.” [Source: Fox News]

And Biden is doing more terrible things than any administration, ever.

Or Obama is doing more terrible things than any administration, ever, as Biden is apparently finishing the job for him, as stated by Obama himself.

What’s even better is that Durham’s investigation will keep revealing more truths and exposing more Democrat lies, as Patel observes.

“I think he’s building a bigger conspiracy case, and it’s just going to take time and that’s where he’s going …

John Durham’s working hard. He’s only been at for two-plus years. When I was a federal prosecutor, I spent 3, 4, 5 years building some prosecutions, so it takes time, but I think we are heading in the right direction.” [Source: Breitbart]

In the meantime, since even the fictional news media can no longer use “Russia Collusion” to blast Trump, they are apparently making up other stories about him.

Clearly, their ratings depend on Trump, which in and of itself is rather humorous, as Trump certainly doesn’t need them.

For instance, Jonathan Karl has written an entire book of nonsense on Trump, ironically entitled Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.

Karl claims that Trump is starting his own party, which is apparently the latest nonsense the fictional news media has dreamed up.

As Trump himself has stated.

“ABC Non News and 3rd rate reporter Jonathan Karl have been writing fake news about me from the beginning of my political career … Just look at what has now been revealed about the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax. It was a made up and totally fabricated scam and the lamestream media knew it. It just never ends!
[Source: The Washington Examiner]

One that that will end is the Democrats’ reign in 2022 … assuming, of course, that sufficient numbers turn out to vote, especially against the untrustworthy Dems …

Author: Ofelia Thornton