Cuomo Brothers Caught In Massive Collusion Scheme

Another day, another internecine crisis amongst Democrats.

And this time, the crisis has an added twist: None other than CNN is now placed in a remarkably awkward position.

And awkward it is, given what the network has to grapple with as a result of Cuomo 1.0 and Cuomo 2.0, otherwise known as the thankfully former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and alleged “journalist” Chris Cuomo on CNN, respectively.

Despite the value of an objective press, Chris has long swooned over his brother, including lavishing Andrew with praise for his supposed handling of the COVID pandemic in New York.

Of course, Chris conveniently bypassed narratives from multiple New Yorkers, including Democrat legislators, who lost family members in nursing homes due to a horrific policy instituted by Cuomo.

Even worse, when Mr. Former Governor was hit with a slew of sexual harassment accusations, attention (or suspicion?) quickly turned to CNN, given that Andrew’s brother, Chris, is clearly in a position to influence public opinion.

For that reason, Chris technically did not cover any of the stories regarding his brother as the scandal worsened, and he insists that he took no action whatsoever to influence the network’s coverage of the governor’s major scandals.

“I was there to listen and offer my take and my advice to my brother was simple and consistent. Own what you did, tell people what you’ll do to be better, be contrite and finally, accept that it doesn’t matter what you intended, what matters is how your actions and words were perceived …

There are critics saying things about me, many unsupported, but know this, my position has never changed. I never misled anyone about the information I was delivering or not delivering on this program. I never attacked nor encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward. I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation. I never influenced or attempted to control CNN’s coverage of my family.” [Source: Fox News]

Is that so?

Over the weekend, CNBC, amongst other outlets, revealed otherwise.

“CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources in the media world to seek information on women who accused his brother Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, of sexual harassment, according to documents released Monday by the New York Attorney General’s Office.

While Chris Cuomo has previously acknowledged advising his brother and his team on the response to the scandals, the records show that his role in helping the then-governor was much larger and more intimate than previously known.” [Source: CNBC]

Well then. “Much larger and more intimate than previously known,” indeed.

Because if Chris didn’t try to control CNN’s coverage directly, he sure did indirectly by directly colluding with his brother’s team, including notorious “mean girl” Melissa DeRosa, in all kinds of duplicitous activities.

In fact, amongst the thousands (!) of pages of documents that were released, Chris not only played a “much larger” role in swaying the investigation, he apparently tasked DeRosa and other sycophants with finding “intel” on various women embroiled in the scandal.

All of these activities had one major objective: discredit Cuomo’s accusers.

Yes, these would be the same individuals who all but executed the character of Brett Kavanaugh prior to his ascendancy to the Supreme Court.

However, the collusion between a “journalist” with a primetime spot on mainstream media outlet and individuals actively disrupting a major investigation regarding sexual harassment is an entirely new level of brazen bias, not to mention potential illegality.

Put it this way: Even CNN couldn’t dodge (or spin) this one, which is why the network has already issued a statement, lame and vague as it may be.

“The thousands of pages of additional transcripts and exhibits that were released today by the NY Attorney General deserves a thorough review and consideration … We will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to CNN over the next several days.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, it’s good to know that CNN finds these “thousands of pages” to be “deserving” of a thorough review.

Perhaps if CNN applied even 10 percent of that same “review and consideration” of Trump’s policies, the nation may have a very different president right now.

However, in the meantime, perhaps CNN could take a cue from MSNBC columnist Eric Michael Garcia, just to illustrate how profoundly the network has shaken the public’s faith in journalism and objectivity.

“Just to be clear, if anyone else on CNN’s roster did this, they’d not only be fired but blacklisted from journalism period.” [Source: Fox News]

One can only hope that’s where CNN’s “review” will lead …

Author: Jane Jones