BLM Issues a Statement You Have To See To Believe

Recently, a BLM leader made a hilarious comment when remarking upon the current trial against former actor Jussie Smollett. The leader assailed the trial of Smollet as a “white supremacist charade,” and he suggested that law enforcement officers in Chicago were allegedly railroading Smollett because he is black.

According to former California State University professor Dr. Melina Abdullah, who currently serves as the Director of BLM Grassroots, the BLM movement will stand by Smollett regardless of the jury’s decision in the trial.

Abdullah declared that BLM “can never believe the police” over Smollett, who apparently “has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom.”

The former actor, who is gay and black, attracted national attention in 2019 when he claimed he was the victim of a violent hate crime ostensibly triggered by Smollett’s race and sexuality. Smollett also claimed that his attackers were big supporters of former President Donald J. Trump.

However, shortly after the alleged hate crime occurred, various elements of the former actor’s claims began falling apart under closer scrutiny, and it was discovered that Smollett orchestrated the attack on himself.

Presently, Smollett faces six different charges of felony disorderly conduct, as he has been accused of deliberately staging the incident in order to amplify his public profile as an actor.

Over the course of the trial, prosecutors revealed that Smollett astonishingly practiced a “dry run” of the deliberate hoax with his co-conspirators within just a few days of the attack, a practice session that was subsequently caught on surveillance footage and used as evidence.

In spite of the evidence overwhelmingly against Smollett, however, BLM has doubled down on its its support, with Abdullah declaring that “in an abolitionist society, this trial would not be taking place, and our communities would not have to fight and suffer to prove our worth.”

Abdullah also railed against the apparently pervasive racism across the entire judicial system, claiming that the entire system “is designed to oppress,” along with “a corrupt and violent police department” that allegedly has “no respect for [black lives].”

The former professor attacked law enforcement as “an irredeemable institution,” and she demonstrated particular wrath towards the Chicago Police Department for its supposed “long and deep history of corruption, racism, and brutality.”

Consequently, BLM will actively “work towards the abolition of police and every unjust system,” Abdullah proclaimed.

Smollett could face up to three years of incarceration if he is convicted of the charges. However, legal experts believe Smollett is more likely to receive probation and perform community service than face prison time.

At the start of the week, Smollett testified in his own defense on the witness stand, and closing arguments commenced midway through the week.