Trump Eviscerates Biden Over His Complete Incompetence

While the Biden administration may be the stuff of what nightmares are made, at least it hasn’t succeeded in silencing Trump.

In spite of its best efforts, complete with the aiding and abetting of Big Tech.

If anything, the Biden administration is giving Trump a louder microphone than ever before, especially given its incompetence.

Starting with some of the most brazen incompetence of all, namely the withdrawal from Afghanistan (which saw the Taliban get close to $90B richer, courtesy of abandoned American military equipment).

Trump was sure to distinguish between real generals and “TV generals” as well in his commentary, which was hilarious.

“Our military is great. Our generals are great…except for our television generals, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. But I’ll tell you, I really believe that whole Afghanistan disaster was, nobody really believes it. It’s so hard … Our country feels so low right now. It’s never been so embarrassed.” [Source: OANN]

The country is about to get even more embarrassed, given how brazenly Putin is playing with Biden.

Remember how Putin annexed Crimea during Obama’s reign, and Obama did effectively nothing?

Well, now Putin appears to be eyeing Ukraine once again, especially after having front row seats to bumbling Biden and hapless Harris.

Which Trump, like most other Patriots, sees coming from a mile away.

“We never had a problem with Ukraine in terms of a problem like you have where there very well could be an invasion. That stuff was not on the table … I got along very great with Putin and with President Xi and all of them. I got along great with Kim Jong-un, but they understand they couldn’t do any of this stuff. Now, they’re doing things that are unthinkable.” [Source: OANN]

Of course that issue wasn’t on the table, and that’s because Trump actually had the respect of world leaders.

However, when Biden apparently decided to let the Taliban defeat the United States, it is only natural for Putin to begin angling for new territorial conquests, knowing that the worst that will happen is he may receive a “strongly worded” letter about his activities.

Or, perhaps Biden will do some symbolic boycott, like he’s doing with the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Jimmy Carter tried a bigger version of that, and it was a big failure. I think that there are many things we can do that are much more powerful than that. That sends a double signal. It also sends a very negative vibe.” [Source: OANN]

It’s also a very negative vibe when the Chinese brazenly buy influence through spending upwards of $500,000 on Hunter Biden’s “art,” but the media is doing its best to suffocate that one.

On the domestic front, a grand total of 36 percent of Americans approve of how the Biden administration has handled crime.

Needless to say, Psaki has not exactly offered much hope in this regard, especially since the administration she represents has openly advocated defunding the police.

“We have seen some of these extremely disturbing videos showing retail theft … State and local leaders like Gov. Gavin Newsom have identified this as a serious concern. We agree. That’s the reason why we have sent additional support from the FBI providing additional assistance. It’s one of the reasons why the president and members of our administration have been longtime advocates for supporting and funding the COPS program.” [Source: Fox News]

The “COPS” program, huh? Just in case you may think it’s about actual police, think again …

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing a comprehensive strategy to combat gun violence and other violent crime. This strategy implements preventative measures that are proven to reduce violent crime, and attacks the root causes – including by addressing the flow of firearms used to commit crimes.” [Source: The White House]

Ok. The White House really needs to quit with these “root causes.”

Last time anyone checked, analyzing “root causes” isn’t stopping illegals from storming the border, and it’s certainly not stopping thugs from stealing Chanel handbags.

How about some actual law enforcement responses instead of utterly ineffective “root causes” analysis?

Most insanely of all, even when mainstream media questions the “logic” of the Biden administration, Biden’s wife can brazenly deceive the nation and not get called out for the deception at all.

CBS Correspondent Rita Brava, for instance, actually asked a real question of Jill Biden.

“Quite a few Americans have some questions about the president’s current mental fitness.” [Source: Fox News]

Jill Biden, of course, immediately dismissed Brava’s remarks.

“I think that’s ridiculous.” [Source: Fox News]

What’s more ridiculous is how far the nation has falled in under a year …

Author: Jane Jones