Psaki In Massive Denial Over National Debt

Recently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki laughed off concerns over national debt when she was asked about how President Joe Biden might address Americans concerns over a looming crisis.

“I’m not sure what American person is … concerned about the debt limit,” Psaki replied snidely, “maybe there’s somebody you’ve met on the street.”

Psaki also noted that Biden appears to believe that avoiding a huge debt default should be a bipartisan effort, rather than Republicans allegedly depending upon the Democrat-exclusive reconciliation process.

Astonishingly, the White House Press Secretary continued on to comment that Americans need not worry about what Congress is doing.

“[Americans] shouldn’t be worried about whether or not elected officials are doing [their jobs] and raising the debt limit to [ensure the nation is] covering bills that have already been incurred,” Psaki brayed.

She added that addressing the debt limit is simply something that is “done in due course,” adding that it’s occurred “more than 80 times” without identifying specifics.

Instead, Psaki rambled on about how skyrocketing debt would apparently improve Social Security benefits and other programs, while simultaneously posing “no risk to the [American] economy.”

The White House Press Secretary also dodged earlier questions regarding whether or not Biden may discard the borrowing limit in its entirety.

In the past few days, Biden’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a statement that essentially begged Congress to undergo “quick action” by rapidly passing the debt deal approved in the Senate.

The statement also asserted that this action was critical in order to “[fulfill] this fundamental legislative and constitutional responsibility.”

The statement also asserted that the Biden administration is appreciative of “the bipartisan support to authorize an expeditious process.”

Senate Democrats are anticipated to vote on lifting the debt ceiling by $2.5T, which will supposedly cover federal government obligations “into 2023.”

Recently, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proclaimed that her own department would not have enough money to service national debt, which is a staggering $27T, by mid-December.