Fauci Ignores Bombshell ‘Origin’ Evidence — Goes On Fearmongering Crusade Instead

Fauci must be shivering with delight as the omicron variant supposedly spreads throughout the nation, as his relevance is apparently contingent upon the massive suffering of others.

Not only in terms of suffering from the illness, but also from the massive government overreach allegedly justified in the name of “public health.”

After all, since delta failed to send the nation back into lockdown status (though of course it prompted hilarious mask mandates in leftist states), it seems that Fauci is grasping at straws for another fiasco.

And now he has it.

Strangely enough, Fauci seems a little too confident about the future path of the virus.

“We definitely saw variants coming … What was not anticipated was the extent of the mutations in the amino acid substitutions in omicron, which was really unprecedented.” [Source: Fox News]

Did you? Would that foresight be due to the fact that your good old buddies at the Wuhan Institute gave you a rather massive heads up in advance?

Frankly, what’s more “unprecedented” is the fact that Fauci even still has a microphone after openly lying to Congress.

“When you have so much replication going on in the community, to give a virus enough opportunity to replicate, you know it’s ultimately going to mutate, and sometimes those mutations wind up a new variant … That’s what happened with delta, certainly that’s what happened with omicron.” [Source: Fox News]

Translation: Since omicron has been widely cited as a highly infectious, yet significantly more mild variant of the virus, Fauci is already hinting at a “new variant” that might succeed in the totally authoritarian state that he so clearly craves.

“What the government has been doing now, and you’re going to be seeing the result of that, is making investments literally in billions of dollars to get anywhere between 200 million to 500 million tests available per month, which means there will be a lot of tests … Many of them will be free.” [Source: Fox News]

What isn’t “free” under the Biden administration? Free for people who don’t bother to work, that is.

Furthermore, exactly what good is all this investment in testing supposed to do? Notice how Fauci isn’t saying anything about investing “billions of dollars” in treatment?

How obvious could he be?

Clearly, Fauci wants “500 million” tests so he can rant on and on about infection rates (while saying nothing about rapidly declining mortality rates), all so he remains relevant and his monetary coffers remain filled.

How about investing “billions” in the monoclonal antibody treatment centers, which Governor DeSantis (R-FL) widely touted? Or is Fauci to childish to acknowledge the real “science?”

Speaking of DeSantis, the savvy governor has already realized what Fauci is up to with his little fear mongering game, and he’s bitten that one right in the bud by proclaiming Florida will not undergo lockdowns of any kind.

“At the end of the day in Florida, Floridians know we will not let anybody lock them down. We will not let anyone take their jobs … We will not let anyone ruin their businesses, and we will not let anyone close their schools, so people are going to be able to live life. They’re going to be able to make their own decisions.” [Source: Fox News]

In addition, DeSantis also humorously called out the Biden administration’s apparent aversion to treating Americans, though it sure seems intent on testing Americans, likely to justify mass mail-in voting for the midterm elections next year.

“And so in Florida, people are going to be able to make those decisions. We do put a lot of emphasis, unlike most states and certainly unlike the Biden administration, on early treatment …

When people do get infected and it’s not just unvaccinated, like they like to say, our monoclonal antibody clinics that we set up across the state, the majority of people that go to those are fully vaccinated, high-risk people. And so since we’ve rolled out our monoclonal antibody clinics, we’ve had one of the lowest hospitalization rates in the country.” [Source: Fox News]


That said, the Democrats’ present fear mongering over omicron really does raise concerns over the 2022 midterms, given that all the fear mongering in 2020 (including mail-in chatter) began multiple months before the presidential election.

And we all know how that went.

That’s why it is more critical than ever to prepare to vote in 2022 … as a massive red wave will overwhelm any phony blue one.

Author: Jane Jones