Top Media Giant Eviscerates Biden Over This Massive Betrayal

Cue the calls to “cancel” the Wall Street Journal.

As one of the few mainstream publications left with any decency, it is no surprise that the newspaper recently published an editorial reminding the nation of all the Americans that the Biden administration shamelessly left behind in its utterly haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In other words, the publication told the truth, which is precisely why the Biden administration is likely furiously fuming behind the scenes, constructing a brand new set of generalities (otherwise known as misinformation) widely promulgated by Psaki.

Fortunately, the Biden administration (so far) can’t attack the Wall Street Journal the same way that Fauci just attacked Fox News, which is precisely why the newspaper’s editorial cut straight to the point.

“Remember Afghanistan? The White House would like to forget, but the Americans and Afghan allies still stranded in the country deserve more attention.” [Source: Fox News]

Pretty scathing, albeit accurate, commentary to start out with. After all, not only did the editorial call out the Biden administration’s abandonment of Americans in the war-torn nation, but it also clearly indicated that the White House is not terribly inclined to do much about ensuring their safe journey home.

Unsurprisingly, a number of private entities, as well as truly concerned political representatives (i.e., Republicans), have made their best efforts to help Americans trapped in Afghanistan to get out.

Though it is a tad difficult to do so when the administration is apparently allergic to transparency in addition to accountability, which the editorial also notes.

“Private organizations and congressional offices have supplemented the Administration’s efforts, but sources on Capitol Hill say a lack of transparency from the Administration has made the job more difficult …

Accurate information has been hard to get. When information occasionally is released, it tends to focus on positive numbers like total repatriations and relocations instead of those left behind.” [Source: Fox News]

Imagine that. A Biden administration without transparency. Who would have thought?

Then again, what else does the general public expect? Biden wouldn’t even let all 81+ Americans that allegedly voted for him attend his inauguration ceremony.

Moreover, the Biden administration has continued the smoke and mirrors charade well throughout 2021, which is evident by its constant focus on so-called “positive numbers.”

That said, no matter how Biden tries, he will never achieve the “positive numbers” characteristic of the Trump administration, which is precisely why a red wave is (likely) imminent in 2022.

Assuming as many conservatives as possible turn out to vote to offset any Democrat shenanigans.

And conservatives will certainly have a reason to turn out in droves if they follow the advice of the Wall Street Journal, particularly the advice below.

“Promising a serious inquiry into the Afghan withdrawal disaster would be a useful GOP campaign promise to make in next year’s congressional elections.” [Source: Fox News]

It would be a remarkably useful campaign promise, especially since it’s a campaign promise that will likely feature actual follow through from conservatives.

After all, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has demonstrated vastly more concern for Americans than Biden has, and he has also been harshly critical of the ways in which the Biden administration has handled the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Moreover, Cotton has also consistently tried to probe the real origins of the Afghanistan withdrawal, which was evident when he, in conjunction with 25 colleagues, including Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Lindsey Graham, sent a rather pointed letter to the Biden administration during the fall.

“The signatories of this letter may have differing opinions about whether the United States should have maintained a military presence in Afghanistan, but we all agree that the arbitrary and poorly-planned method by which you withdrew from Afghanistan caused this crisis …

We request thorough, unclassified answers to these questions that can be made available to the general public. Americans need to see that the United States will not abandon them to terrorists abroad forever.” [Source: U.S. Senate]
It is truly tragic that such a letter has to be sent just two decades after 9/11.

It is also truly tragic that the Biden administration apparently wants to sweep all its mistakes under the rug, even if that means abandoning Americans in Afghanistan.

While the Biden administration hasn’t bothered to address the serious inquiries embedded in this letter, real patriots will …

Author: Jane Jones