SCOTUS Dives Headfirst Into Debate Over Biden’s Mandates

On January 7, the Supreme Court will hold an emergency session to debate the constitutionality of the Biden administration’s widespread vaccine mandates.

The Court’s decision comes on the heels of over half the states filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the vaccine mandates. In addition, several lower courts have also ruled against the constitutionality of the vaccine mandates, especially since the Biden administration seriously overstepped checks and balances boundaries in doing so.

Even worse, the White House justifies its effective dismissal of checks and balances by claiming vaccine mandates not only work, but that they are also vital for preventing “any disruptions to operations.”

“We know vaccination requirements work … The federal government, the country’s largest employer, has successfully implemented its requirement in a way that has boosted vaccinations and avoids any disruptions to operations.” [Source: Fox News]

Right. Tell that to Southwest Airlines, whose operations were widely disrupted due to vaccine mandates, although the fictional news media hilariously chalks these disruptions up to “weather.”

Plus, the White House apparently isn’t satisfied just with vaccinating American adults, but also American kids. Just consider the commentary from ultra-woke Muriel Bowser, the woke Mayor of Washington, D.C.

“All students eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine that has been fully approved by the FDA must be immunized against COVID-19.” [Source: Townhall]

Gregory Magarian, who works as a constitutional law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, points out that over half the states filing suit against the Biden administration share essentially the same reasoning at their core.

“The reasoning across the cases is basically the same, which is that these statutes don’t give the president or the agency in question the authority to issue the mandates.” [Source: Fox News]


After all, if the Biden administration is going to arbitrarily issue some blanket vaccine mandate, with little regard for congressional input, then it’s essentially swinging the United States sharply in the direction of tyranny.

It’s clearly been swept in that direction since Day 1 of the Biden regime, but the Biden administration’s consistent dismissal of checks and balances will really accelerate the turn down a highly unfavorable path.

Exactly what Biden’s Chinese paymasters had in mind.

Not only have several states filed suit against the Biden administration, but also private companies, including the conservative news outlet The Daily Wire.

According to the Daily Wire Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, their case against the Biden administration must succeed, as a loss would not only represent a huge loss for the Daily Wire, but also “for all Americans.”

“We are confident in our cause. We have the rule of law – administrative and constitutional – on our side. We have the science on our side. We have the best and most moral arguments on our side …

If the Supreme Court will hear our case, we will win. If they won’t, it won’t just be a loss for us at The Daily Wire, but for all Americans. It’s hard to claim to be a free country when you can force businesses to force their employees to either violate their own consciences and inject themselves with drugs they do not wish to take, be discriminated against, or be fired.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

It’s been hard to claim that the United States is a “free country” ever since Biden came to power, and it’s going to be even harder to make that claim if the Supreme Court ultimately sides with Biden.

One can only hope that the Court might defer to the logic of U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Judge Terry Doughty, who points out the grave danger of permitting an unrelenting attack on checks and balances to continue.
“If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legislative branch to make laws, two of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands … If human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency.” [Source: Fox News]

The risk to civil liberties is precisely why it is of critical importance to turn out to vote in droves in 2022 … the future of freedom depends upon it.

Author: Ofelia Thornton