Hassett Weighs In On Trump’s Heroism

According to one of Trump’s former economic advisors, the 45th president always aimed to “[fight] for the little guy.”

In an interview with Crossroads, a TV Program with Epoch Times, Kevin Hassett recalled how former President Trump always promoted policies that would counteract a potential drift into socialism. Moreover, the policies promoted by Trump constituted an “absolute success story for the little guy.”

Hassett also recounts how Trump long understood that he was opposing a “very big, powerful historical force,” one that was not necessarily inclined to the needs of “the little guy.”

Nonetheless, the Trump administration placed a high priority on policies that reduced regulations and taxes, which in turn facilitated a booming economic cycle. This cycle resulted in several major advantages for the economy, including a significant reduction in income inequality, which was the first incidence of income inequality reduction since World War II.

In addition, “wages grew faster for people in the bottom 10 percent of the wage distribution than for people at the top, as did wealth” under the tenure of the Trump administration.

Hassett also recalls that homeownership increased significantly for individuals in the lower 10 percent under the Trump administration, with three million individuals being lifted out of poverty and seven million individuals being lifted off of food stamps.

Trump’s administration “was an absolute success story for the little guy,” and “the more the good news came, the angrier and angrier the left wing got.”

Unfortunately, in spite of the myriad successes boasted by the Trump administration, numerous Republicans, including former President George W. Bush, have not been fully supportive of Trump’s achievements.

Part of the reason why Trump’s achievements have not been widely recognized can be attributed to the leftist control of the media and universities.

According to Hassett, leftists generally “don’t want Trump to succeed,” potentially because “they don’t maybe necessarily care about income inequality.”

Instead, for many leftists, income inequality merely serves as “a political device for them to get the political power” and subsequently seize control of society via “totalitarian power.”