De Blasio Mulls Daring Power Grab

Bill de Blasio, the outgoing mayor of New York City, recently announced that he will make a decision on whether or not to join the gubernatorial race in New York “very soon.”

During an interview with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, De Blasio announced that he will be deciding “real, real soon” on whether or not he will run for becoming New York’s next governor.

“I’m going to finish [the fight against COVID],” De Blasio declared, adding that “there’s a new fight up ahead to change this state.” The outgoing mayor also noted that he will have “a lot more” to discuss “very, very, very soon.”

In the past month, De Blasio filed extensive paperwork with the New York Board of Elections in order to gain approval for creating a fundraising committee, which could assist with funding a 2022 gubernatorial campaign for De Blasio.

The current Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, who filled in after Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace, will face numerous challengers in the 2022 election, including Rep. Thomas Suozzi and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

Attorney General Letitia James was in the running for governor, though she recently withdrew her candidacy. Ironically, even Andrew Cuomo is mulling another gubernatorial campaign, despite his resignation.

De Blasio also weighed in on Cuomo over the course of the interview, remarking that it was “a tremendous challenge” to endure Cuomo and Trump at the same time “for four years.”

“It almost felt surreal at times,” De Blasio remarked, before proceeding to criticize how Cuomo treated countless individuals.

“You can’t treat people the way he did,” the outgoing mayor mused, “and it catches up with you eventually.”