Anonymous Democrat Rips Biden Apart For Long List Of Failures

Though several months have passed since the devastating Afghanistan withdrawal, which promptly returned the embattled nation to the terrorist hands of the Taliban, the Biden administration has yet to hold a single person accountable.

Consequently, the administration has done little to engender trust not only from Americans, but also the rest of the world, given its apparent aversion to any form of accountability.

Heck, maybe accountability is also “racist” now, because what isn’t “racist” under an overly work, underly intelligent administration?

That said, a few House Democrats clearly have some sense left, judging from a recent interview one unnamed lawmaker gave to Fox News.

Unfortunately, given the rather violent atmosphere the Biden administration has directly encouraged against any potential detractors, the Democrat legislator did not reveal their name for public consumption.

And who could blame them?

Just consider the threats Senator Manchin’s faces, all due to the Biden administration’s bullying over the multi-trillion dollar Build Back “Better” agenda, as well as bullying over anything remotely moderate in general.

The one advantage of anonymity, however, is that the House Democrat was able to speak more freely and openly, underscoring the extent to which the Biden administration has long since abandoned the accountability ship.

“[The Afghanistan withdrawal] is an indictment of the senior leadership in the White House … The worst part is nobody will be held accountable for this.” [Source: Fox News]

So, in other words, even Democrats with an actual conscience realize the truly grave danger of the Biden administration.

After all, an absence of accountability is directly linked to an absence of humility, and it’s a well-known axiom that pride virtually always precedes the fall …

The wisely anonymous Democrat legislator also continued onward to detail that the Biden administration is utterly out of touch with Americans’ needs, further illuminating that Democrats are not only dangerous, but useless.

“They don’t understand the American people want results; they don’t want drama and rhetoric … Everyone has been left high and dry.”[Source: Fox News]

Of course the American people want “results.” That’s precisely why Trump was elected in the first place …

However, the Democrats do not exactly demonstrate the greatest interest in providing “results” for Americans. On the contrary, they appear to hate the idea of America, period, which means they would naturally have no interest in helping Americans.

And as far as being “left high and dry” is concerned, that comment is also absolutely on point, especially when considering Emperor Obama’s self-thrown 60th birthday party, which brazenly flouted all COVID restrictions and amplified the COVID positivity rate on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Not bad digs for a former University of Chicago lecturer … not bad at all.

Regardless, it is a real shame that the anonymous Democrat is in the clear minority, as they would have no need to remain anonymous if more Democrat shared their views.

Either that, or the lawmaker would like for their family to live at least another few years, given that leftists rarely remain satisfied with mere firebombing, “smash and grab” robberies, and a host of other ill behaviors that are 100 percent aligned with Democrat influence.

Sadly, Ms. Psaki appears as recalcitrant as ever, though to be fair, her elitism and condescension is little more than a thin veneer for an utter lack of original thinking, never mind creative problem solving.

After all, consider how terribly she botched the response to a reporter recently who dared to ask if Emperor Biden would dare to address the little people in a press conference.

And by “little people,” that would include the fictional news media that played a huge role in getting Biden elected in the first place.

A reporter asked a rather reasonable question, notably if Biden had anything to say himself about the failed Build Back “Better” agenda.

“Might we hear directly from the president about what happened yesterday?” [Source: Fox News]

Psaki apparently forgot the First Amendment (assuming she ever even knew when she effectively sneered at the reporter, which was painfully obvious.

“He takes questions multiple times a week, so it depends on what you ask … Depends on what you ask.” [Source: Fox News]

“Depends on what you ask.” Right.

Nice transparency …

Author: Ofelia Thornton