700,000+ People Flee Ultra-Left States

Here’s some great news for 2022, courtesy of Robert Frank, a wealth editor at CNBC.

According to Frank, blue states experienced a rather precipitous increase in population outflows, which magnifies the out-of-state migration that began occurring well before the pandemic, all courtesy of Democrats’ ridiculous business-killing policies.

For this reason, it is not observing that Frank is now reporting on the extent of the massive exodus of individuals from leftist states.

“More than 600,000 people leaving New York and California for lower-taxed states during the pandemic … That’s according to Census data,” Frank remarked, specifying that “California lost 300,000 residents between April of 2020 and July of 2021. New York lost a net 365,000 people, about two percent of its total population.”

Good job, lefties. Then again, it is not surprising that a state governed by the likes of Cuomo would retain, much, if any, of a significant population: After all, Governor Cuomo bears the ignominious distinction of being the leader that sent COVID-positive patients back to nursing homes, resulting in a truly tragic scenario. Amplifying the tragedy, the recent decision not to charge Cuomo for his role in the nursing home catastrophe further illuminates the type of “governance” that Democrats have become known for.

In addition, Frank’s observations mirror those of U-Haul, which also recently reported that California ranks #1 in terms of out-of-state migration: “California remained the top state for out-migration, but its net loss of U-Haul trucks wasn’t as severe as in 2020. That can be partially attributed to the fact that U-Haul simply ran out of inventory to meet customer demand for outbound equipment.”

In addition to New York and California, Illinois holds the dubious distinction of ranking third in terms of population loss, as 114,000 former residents of Illinois fled the state for far greener (or redder?) pastures. Then again, exactly who would be dying to live in the virtual war zone of Chicago, coupled with endlessly closed schools, an utterly anti-law enforcement mayor, and seemingly limitless taxes? Don’t forget about the freezing cold weather for much of the year as well.

Consequently, blue states’ loss oftentimes equates to red states’ gain, which in and of itself is indicative of the success of wealth-building Republican policies relative to the wealth-destroying policies of the dastardly Democrats.

Frank observes that some of the biggest gainers in this curious situation include Texas and Florida, followed by Arizona.

“Now the biggest winners, not surprisingly, were Texas and Florida, which have of course no income taxes. Texas gaining 382,000. Florida adding 243,000 … Now people move for many reasons, lower housing prices, lower cost of living with remote work, their families may be there, but there is a continued shift from high tax to low tax states.”

What do these trends in population mean for conservatives? Well, for starters, looks like the leftist states will be losing representatives in Congress, while red states will be gaining them.

Even more humorously, Democrats are driving out the very businesses that make immense tax revenues possible in the first place.

Curiously, despite the fact that Democrats are undoubtedly obsessed with tax revenues, they sure seem intent on destroying multiple opportunities that would have created significant tax revenues for their varied pet projects, including the currently failed Build Back Better (BBB) effort, which was fortunately stymied by Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, who have managed to remember who they represent in the first place. Too bad blustering Biden and his cronies don’t.

However, perhaps the bloviating Biden administration may wake up and pay attention in light of the fact that none other than Facebook may be setting up shop in Texas as well.

According to KUVE news, the parent company of Facebook, Meta, just signed “the largest ever [lease] in downtown Austin,” signaling a potential move of the tech giant to Texas.

Tesla and Oracle have long since abandoned California by this point, but Facebook is particularly interesting, considering that the company went out of its way to ensure Biden would be in office in 2020.

Now, come 2022, Facebook is apparently splitting from a Democrat stronghold?

Curious times, indeed … Though at least these times are starting to swing in favor of conservatives once again.

Author: Ofelia Thornton