Al Sharpton Shreds Biden’s Divisive Speech

Even Al Sharpton, who is widely known for his divisive rhetoric, apparently finds Biden too divisive.

Given that Sharpton is a self-proclaimed civil rights leader who routinely enjoys such benefits such as private jet transportation and private security, all of which is generally funded by spreading hatred and division, the criticism of Biden’s speech is even more remarkable.

During an appearance on the irascible MSNBC, which routinely masquerades as “real news,” “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, and Democrat cheerleader, even admitted that Biden may have “overshot the mark.” Ya think?

“Why did he do that? What was his point?” Scarborough wailed in reference to Biden’s extreme speech, “I say this with love in my heart. He was virtue-signaling to activists who think it took him too long to get there. I think he may have overshot the mark.”

“Love in [his] heart.” How touching.

That absurd melodrama aside, of course Biden “overshot the mark,” as his administration has clearly mastered theatrics (when it bothers to make an appearance, that is) taking decisive action.

In other words, the opposite of Trump.

Surprisingly, Sharpton was much harsher than Scarborough, probably because Sharpton, unlike Biden, is clearly “with it” enough to realize that Biden likely made few friends with his remarks.

In fact, Sharpton went as far as to claim that Biden’s speech was more akin to a “go to hell” speech.

Despite claiming he thought that Biden delivered “a good speech,” a clearly politically neutral introduction, Sharpton proceeded to detail all the ways in which it was not so “good.”

For starters? The speech is highly unlikely to engender much Republican, and for that matter, moderate Democrat, support.

“I thought it was a good speech,” Sharpton began carefully, “[though] in this particular case, dealing with my friend and brother Joe, if he was trying to get votes, it was not the vote-getting speech.”

“It was not the vote-getting speech.” You don’t say! What a salient observation.

Then again, since Biden has apparently made it his mission to annihilate the filibuster, who could really be surprised by Biden’s disregard of compromise?

Hilariously, “Minister” Sharpton proceeded to draw divine comparisons between Biden’s speech and the likely response from the audience.

“I’m a minister. Either you get up, and you try to persuade people of their sins and appeal to their better angels,” Sharpton remarked, “but when they come to church, and they still have the jug of whiskey up under the pew, you say, you’re going to hell. I think he gave a ‘you’re going to hell’ speech.”

Oddly enough, Sharpton actually has a point with that last remark. This administration is clearly becoming known for its callous disregard of human rights (Afghanistan, anyone?), and it is clearly so full of hate that it does not even deign to pretend compromise with conservatives anymore.

Instead, the White House has lurched to the opposite extreme, effectively a full-on assault of Republicans, conservative Americans, and pretty much anyone else who doesn’t embrace an extreme leftist ideology.

In other words, the beginning of an effective Cold War-style Soviet Union, if the Dems have their way.

And Trump colluded with modern-day Russia?

Fortunately, McConnell, who routinely clashed with Trump, has surprisingly issued a series of harsh condemnations regarding Biden’s speech, and his remarks have gained widespread media coverage.

“A president shouting that 52 senators and millions of Americans are racist unless he gets whatever he wants is proving exactly why the Framers built the Senate to check his power,” McConnell declared, neatly summarizing Biden’s hate-filled speech.

The Senate Minority Leader also harshly rebuked Biden’s highly unpresidential attack on Americans, noting that the president stunningly referred to the Civil War in order “to demonize Americans who disagree with him.”
“How profoundly, profoundly unpresidential,” McConnell remarked sorrowfully.

However, of all McConnell’s remarks, one is remarkably disturbing, and entirely accurate.

“Look, I’ve known, liked and personally respected Joe Biden for many years,” McConnell remarked, “[and] I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.”

That’s funny. As most Americans also report not recognizing their country in its current state …

Author: Ofelia Thornton