Psaki Dismisses Romney’s Rebuke Of Biden

Recently, White House press secretary incurred significant criticism for deviating towards President Trump while simultaneously dismissing Senator Mitt Romney’s condemnation of the president’s vitriolic speech regarding voting rights.
In the daily White House briefing, a reporter asked Psaki about Romney’s specific remarks, namely where he rebuked Biden for not using the speech as an opportunity to unite Americans. Instead of promoting unity, Biden opted to compare opponents to his voting legislation to segregationists, in a reference to the Civil War era.
“President Biden [has gone] down the same tragic road taken by President Trump,” Romney remarked, namely by “casting doubt on the reliability of American elections.”
During his Senate floor speech, Romney remarked that it was a “sad, sad day,” especially since he “expected more” from President Biden, notably the pledge to “[bring] the country together.”

However, Psaki dismissed Romney’s concerns by not even addressing them. Instead, she wheeled around and criticized Trump for his commentary on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

“With all due respect to Senator Romney, I think anyone would [see that] there is a night and day difference between fomenting an insurrection based on lies … and making objectively statements,” Psaki ranted.

Psaki also observed that Biden was addressing “the effects of a coordinated nationwide effort to undermine the constitutional right to vote.”

The White House Press secretary also claimed that criticism of the speech, in particular its highly divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, is “hilarious on many levels.”

“In our view, and the president’s view, what is far more offensive is the effort to suppress people’s [right to vote],” Psaki sneered.

Psaki was quickly hammered by critics on social media, who observed that the White House Press Secretary is an “embarrassment” to the United States.

Critics also noted that Romney had voted in favor of impeaching Trump twice, even though Psaki insisted that Romney “sat silently” throughout the course of Trump’s presidency.

In general, numerous critics have reached a consensus that Psaki is incompetent due to her repeated deflections regarding Trump in a failed effort to save face for Biden.